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Saving dollars on cable

I made the switch from Comcast cable to Dish Network recently by signing up through What finally drove me to it was the cost. I just got sick & tired of playing the upgrade game to save a few bucks for 6 months. Call me crazy, but I think that the way companies treat loyal customers needs to be part of the package. (see note below**)

Anyway…so far I am very pleased with Dish. The reception is fantastic, the standard picture quality is better than I had, and the HD picture quality is awesome (update: even during the heavy rain & wind this week). I got their Bronze package with a 2 yr commitment and am paying less than $30/month for the first year. It includes free HBO & Showtime for 3 months. I won’t subscribe to them after the freebie period, but I will get their Cinemax package for a full year for a penny more. And the increase in the 2nd year is still less than what Comcast was charging me. Oh yeah, no installation fees and it also includes 2 DVR boxes. Decadence!! Now I can watch CSpan from my bed at 5am if I want. (Yes, I’m sick…)

What had kept me from doing this sooner was the thought of being on a contract commitment, but after I added it all up, the cost of not having a contract with Comcast + a bad picture was a no brainer. Plus I noticed in the past year the On-Demand free movies were heavy with C list choices so the value of that for me was nil.

And Dish has a nice referral program. If you’re interested in going with Dish, let me know and I’ll send you a certificate that you submit to them. You’ll get $50, and I’ll save a few bucks off my monthly bill. Hey, every little bit helps in this economy!

PS: I also moved from Vonage to Skype, but that’s a whole other post…

**update to original post re internet connection:
Comcast tried to raise my internet rate for “Blast” when I cancelled TV but I kept pushing back on it and they wound up keeping it the same price. With tax it’s $58.93. More than I want to pay but I need the speed for uploading work files (and getting my Netflix instant play movies), so I have to stay with them for now. When/if AT&T or another company offers fast reliable broadband in Fairfax I will be calling pronto!