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A few of my favorite “app tool” things

Happy New Year! I’m glad to wave goodbye to 2009 and give a great big hug to 2010. I guess a lot of others feel the same way as yesterday this seemed to be a recurring theme in a ton of messages that I received.

Putting aside complaints though, last year was a great year for tools, plug-ins or “apps” that were useful in oh so many ways. Here’s a few that I really like:

  • Ad Block Plus (Firefox & Safari)
    Adding this plug-in browsers means no more banner ads! You know, those pesky ubiquitous ads that show up at the top of Yahoo Groups, all newspaper sites, blogs, etc.
  • Cool Previews – (Firefox)
    Want to see a web page before you commit to clicking on it? This plug-in is handy for that.
  • TinyUrl Generator (Firefox)
    Use this to compress a big long url to a small one. Useful for Facebook & Twitter, etc url posts.

One more thing. If you’re on a PC Windows platform take a look at using Safari as your browser instead of Internet Explorer. Or even for a 2nd browser. The interface is outstanding. Text is smooth and overall performance is outstanding. You can download it here for the PC: