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FYI: Yahoo Groups is down, and up again

Hopefully it will be back up soon!

Happy Thursday from Yahoo Groups….I’ve just noticed, as I went to the moderation queue at our website, that Yahoo Groups is down. Did a little digging around and it appears that ALL Groups sites are not coming up. The url takes forever to load and then the message “Oops! Sorry, an error occurred while loading the content” with a giant unhappy face emoticon loads. A header loads, along with the left sidebar, but both have only generic info.

I’ve reached out to Yahoo via Twitter and will also send an email to my contact. (I shudder to think about what they are “refining” now.) Will add to this post when I know more!

Update at 2:25pm: 

Our Yahoo Groups page is back online, however with the following message:

“We’re upgrading our systems and some functions of Yahoo! Groups will be unavailable for a few hours. Emails sent to your groups may be delivered late during this time. Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

I do see that 5 messages are pending in the moderation queue, but it’s not accessible. Will keep an eye on it throughout the afternoon and put them through as soon as I can!

Update at 6:00pm:

Was able to moderate messages just after 4pm. Yahoo still has the message up so our site might still be affected. If major glitches continue, I’ll note them here. If not, then this will be my last post about it and it will be biz as usual. Hopefully, their “upgrading of systems and some functions” will not create any havoc and the site will return to normal.

Oh — I did finally receive an email from my contact, and also a reply tweet from Yahoo. I let them know that it would be really great to get an advance notice of these things BEFOREHAND!