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Are clean-diesel delivery trucks coming to your neighborhood?

Fedex has them coming to my neighborhood, but UPS seems to be behind the times on this…so that is why I’m asking the question here:

What do you notice in your neighborhood? Especially if it is a walk-friendly neighborhood with dog walkers, families with strollers, etc. Are the delivery trucks that are coming equipped with clean-diesel technology? If they are, then please leave a comment here. And if they aren’t — GRRRRR — well, please leave a Grrrrr comment here too.

I’ve called UPS about this, and the explanation I received was not a good one IMHO*, and truthfully felt like it was not going to be addressed at all. Sure the economy is suffering, but that’s no excuse for not keeping up with what’s good for our air quality. It’s what fuels our lungs in this community, and if you know anything about particulate matter and how it impacts health, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

*I was told to get the truck number and report it so that they could send it to their garage to be checked and cleaned if needed. (C’mon!)