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Do you have an opinion about animal offer posts?

If you do, this is the place for it!

(Below is the orginal Admin post at the Yahoo Groups site 8/23/09)

Dear Members,

Yesterday a message was posted from a member who offered 2 cats. Today that
member posted a taken message, with a positive note attached to it. Sounds like
a happy ending — yay!!

Well, not exactly for all… I also received 3 emails from folks who were
surprised (saddened, concerned), to see the message on the board. I replied to
them that our rules regarding pet posts states:

“PET POSTS: Allowed are Offers only. Be sure to be lovingly careful on gifting a

I haven’t received replies, but I also told them that I would post an admin
about this, as well as a note on my blog so that others could weigh in with
their general opinion about animal offer posts. You can add your comments at\
No log-in required. Your name & email is required only if you
post. Email is never shared.

Best regards,