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Admin message posted to our Yahoo Groups page today

Below is an Admin message that I posted this morning on the YG board. Replies are steadily coming in to my email, so I will be doing a followup to this in the next day or two.


Dear Members,

Please remember to begin your post subject line with one of the following:


Wanna know why “promised” or other creative openings do not work? Read why here:

Thanks everyone. Whatever your faith or tradition, I wish you light and peace
and best wishes.

Happy holidays,

YG Admin message asking for less TMI in posts

Below is a copy of the Admin message I posted to the group yesterday as a special notice. Feel free to post your comments here about this request, or send me a private email if you prefer.

Dear MarinFreecycle Members,

There’s something in the air on our community board, and it seems to be
spreading. The “short story” post on why a Wanted item is asked for, or a story
about why an item is being Offered. Often times these are sprinkled with
information of a personal nature (not a good idea and a reminder that our rules
advise against this), and reasons why you desperately in need of…whatever.

Now, I like a good short story, and a clever turn of the phrase, however,
messages posted to the board in ALL instances should be short and sweet and
limited to information only about the tangible item being given away, asked for,
taken, or received.

It’s my bad for letting the short stories be taken to another level by some, as
those very stories could be inspiring others to cuddle up with their keyboards
more and do the same in their postings.

So from this point forward, I want everyone to know, posts that cross the line
into storyville will be rejected with a note from me asking for a brevity

Thank you all,

PS: You are welcome to share your long- and short-stories anytime at my blog. No
log-in required. It’s not a place for
posting offers, wants, etc, or personal info either, but you can post your rants
and/or raves too, anytime.

10/15 Admin YG note: resetting to Taken

Dear MarinFreecycle Members,

Lately it seems that there has been a ton of Promised messages coming to the
board. My bad for letting these through in the first place since they are not an
“official” subject line sanctioned in our rules documentation which says to
begin your post with OFFER, TAKEN, WANTED, or RECEIVED.

(See my 8/18 blog note at\

I think I understand why members will sometimes rush to post a Promised message.
They might believe it will cut down on the “I want it” emails (although I
question that it stops emails entirely as our membership can be very persistent
:-), and they just don’t want to deal with replying to everyone as they believe
their offered widget is as good as gone.

But hold the phone! It’s not really gone ’til it’s gone, remember? And
unfortunately, the odds are that the first gung-ho person who replies to your
message WILL NOT PICK IT UP AS “PROMISED”. So then you have to go back to the
board and post a Re-Offer (also not sanctioned in our official rules, but
accepted) and start the whole process all over again. Then maybe another
“Promised” when those emails start arriving again…and before you know it,
you’ve contributed to evil email traffic that makes us all want to pull our hair
out. Phew…ok, end of mod rant.

So, in the interest of cutting down on email traffic from the board, I want to
encourage all members to post your TAKEN message after your item is picked up.
Try it and you may be surprised that it works nicely. Not everyone is sitting on
their computer seeing your message in real-time. You may discover that those
folks who respond in the evening or even the next day have great followup skills
and will coordinate their pickup with their workday commute. What could be
better than that?

Warm regards,

How to manage your email notifications in Yahoo Groups

Log into Yahoo Groups with your id & password. Go to MarinFreecycle.

To change your email preferences, select “Edit Membership” from any page page within our website, then scroll down to Step 2 – Message Delivery and choose your preferred method of delivery. All the choices are self-explanatory (see graphic screen shot below). You can change your email preferences at any time and as often as you’d like. The change may not be instantaneous as Yahoo Groups is on a time delay, but they usually take place a few hours.

email choices!

Email preferences at Yahoo Groups shown above.

Let me know if this post has been helpful!

ADMIN: emails from Yahoo Groups has been slow today

If your post(s) did not get posted today, let me know by either leaving a comment here or sending me an email.