Web message posts are working again

I’ve done a series of tests this morning and haven’t received that pesky 999 error message, so hopefully the Yahoo Groups technical glitches are fixed. If you try to post a message using the MarinFreecycle post page, and get 999, please let me know.

Happy freecycling everyone!

999 error workaround

To all MarinFreecycle Members:

You can still post messages to the group board via email. To send your message email marinfreecycle@yahoogroups.com. You must send it using your MarinFreecycle membership email, or it will be rejected.

So very sorry for the inconvenience if you are used to posting at the website! This way is painless and your message will get to the queue where I can moderate it.

Yahoo error 999

Newsflash! If you’ve been trying to post a message at our Yahoo Groups page and the Yahoo error 999 is coming up, please read on:

Evidently this is a widespread problem with Yahoo Groups since yesterday. Read about it here: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20120823220923AAsiudD

As Yahoo customer support has been dismal for a while now, trying to reach anyone at Yahoo is futile. (Hopefully their new CEO just hired away from Google will see the value in Yahoo Groups and toss it on her list of priorities.) My advice if you are getting this error is to wait it out. By now there’s undoubtedly been huge feedback from thousands of group moderators and members directed at Yahoo, so it’s just a matter of time before it’s fixed. Let’s hope it’s today!!

My advice is NOT to do any of the things outlined on the 999 error page (resetting cookies,etc). It could reset your system when you don’t need to, as it’s not your problem — it’s a Yahoo problem.

Support KWMR Radio in West Marin

Please “Like” their Facebook page. They were recently left out of the SF Chronicle’s Pink Section that covers independent Bay Area radio (!), and can really use support from the community. Their goal is 500 Likes by April 1 and they are only at 164 as of today.  https://www.facebook.com/pages/KWMR-West-Marin-Community-Radio/258941620803106

Updated rules posted online

Yesterday I updated our rules documents at Yahoo Groups and at the marincountyfreecycle.org pages. See them here. Scroll to the bottom of the page to download the printable version.