Understanding why your posts to group may be getting rejected

Here are the top reasons for post rejections. I hope it will help to remind you to avoid them, so your post makes it onto the board the first time you send it! (The reason for rejection follows in parens.) You are always welcome to re-submit your post after changing its content.

  1. Your reply came back to the board queue. (remember to reply directly to the person who posted)
  2. Incomplete subject line and/or city in Marin missing. (because Offer/Wanted/Taken/Received is missing in subject line)
  3. Come & get it offers with addresses are not allowed on this board. (because address is in post)
  4. Please resubmit your post with a subject line that conforms to group rules. (because subject line is odd or not appropriate)
  5. Asking to borrow is not allowed on the board. (because reference to returning an item to original poster after use is in post; okay to say you’ll be freecycle it after use)
  6. Posting a dollar value on your item is not allowed unless it is clear you are giving it for FREE. (because it creates confusion)

Hopefully seeing this list will be a good reminder for all to check their message before submitting.

Also, please remember to continue making donations to the various county nonprofits that depend on the influx of donations in the form of goods which they disperse to others, or sell to support their agency efforts. Our group is but one “spoke” in the wheel of recycling in our county.

Yahoo Groups message counter is wrong

Discovered recently (12/2013) that the Yahoo Groups message counter is WAY OUT OF SYNC for our site starting with September or October 2013. We had 509 messages in November by my count, and about 34 spam messages that were thwarted. The YG counter says 163 messages…like I said…WAY OFF!! The October message count is wrong as well, so I’m thinking that these glitches have to do with the new updates done by Yahoo.

If you have a moment, post your thoughts here about how the new Yahoo Groups is working for you, and anything else that you want to share about freecycling in Marin County or elsewhere.


Best way to send your freecycling post to MarinFreecycle

Couple of things I wanted to let everyone know. First, if you’ve had any issues posting a message to the group using the new re-designed Yahoo Groups–(wasn’t it nice of them to re-design it without sending out a notice to anyone?)–have no fear…sending posts via email is still the best and fastest way to post your messages. They come right into the message queue and I get a notification too. Email your message to marinfreecycle@yahoogroups.com from your membership email.

If you have an iPhone, here’s another way to post painlessly AND include a photo: Get the FREE MyFreeStuff app, go through the initial setup (it will ask you for your city), and you’re all set. You can then snap a photo of your Offer and thumb-key in your text and press send.

Take care and best holiday wishes,
Moderator, MarinFreecycle

Our new home page header at Yahoo Groups

Inspired by the recent action taken by community groups in Worcester and Northampton Massachusetts, below is our new home page text at Yahoo Groups:

This is the original Marin County Freecycle group, founded & maintained locally since 2004. Join us to reduce local landfill burden by freecycling locally. As of 2/11 we no longer affiliate with The Freecycle Network (TFN), an AZ Corp., which mounted a campaign to take over local groups. Only messages posted at this Yahoo site or emailed to marinfreecycle@yahoogroups.com <mailto: marinfreecycle@yahoogroups.com> will be sent to our 6,600+ members.

(Yahoo ID required) Click “Join This Group” above right.
(Yahoo ID not required) Step 1: Email marinfreecycle-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Step 2: Click url in YG confirmation email. Step 3: Select “As an alternate option, you may join the mailing list instead” at bottom of page. Step 4: Add your city in Marin.

• Select “Daily Digest” for less email, or “individual emails” for every post
• Practice safety in handoffs, don’t share personal info in posts

WARNING: Messages posted using MyFreecyle forms at freecycle.org will be diverted to the Arizona list owners!

© 2004-2012 MarinFreecycle. All rights reserved. We are affiliated with FreecycleForever.org .

Another group breaks ties to the freecycle network in Arizona

When MarinFreecycle made the break on 2/28/11 from the freecycle network based in Arizona (TFN), who think they own the concept of freecycling, it was a fairly quiet event. Oh sure, there were a few that attacked me, but it was clear from the start they weren’t interested in taking a common sense approach to anything. I had committed the sin of putting a tip jar here at my blog. Horrors!! Now, I had no way of knowing if they were related to TFN, and were being good soldiers tasked with intimidating me into submission. But it sure seemed like that might be the case. Thankfully, I received a lot of positive feedback from members who sent me private emails. And after several weeks things settled down and returned to normal.

I was reminded of the above when I saw this article this morning about a freecycle group in Massachusetts that made the break from TFN recently. I applaud these brave moderators!