Welcome to my blog

If you’ve found your way in here…hello MarinFreecyclers! Your comments are welcome. Registration not required.

Am hoping to fill this blog with subjects that are specific to MarinFreecycle, recycling and freecycling in general, and maybe even other stuff from time to time.

I launched MarinFreecycle in 2004 after moving here from the South Bay where I was a member of the Sunnyvale group. When I first told people about it in Marin, most went “Huh?”, but after a few years it caught on. I got hooked on reusing, reducing, & recycling back in the late 70s so it seemed totally right-sensed to me. Nowadays the 3 R’s are more relevant than ever to help protect our environment by reducing the burden in our landfills, and to promote sustainability in all areas of our life. For me action speaks louder than words, so my contribution to this personal belief is helping to connect folks so they can discard their old stuff and connect with new stuff “the freecycle way”. I live in Fairfax with my canine companion, and do a little graphic arts production work from time to time.