Many thanks to all members who are a part of MarinFreecycle. Established in 2004, we are the original freecycling group that is operated locally in Marin County.

Please consider making a contribution here if you would like to help support this free service. Funds will help to pay for domain renewal and hosting of Donation suggestion: $1 or $2 yearly.

If you would like to do more, please consider a contribution that will go towards the design and development of a new robust website. One that will eventually free us from Yahoo Groups, enable member and transaction reviews, plus many other features. Donation suggestion: $10 or more.



Domain Renewal/Hosting Fund.
Goal: $100/year

Olimometer 2.52
Received to date in 2014: $137
Remaining: Goal is reached with surplus of $37

(Received since Feb 2011: $237)




New Website Fund.
Goal: $5,500

Olimometer 2.52
Received to date in 2014: $275
Remaining: $5225

(Received since July 2013: $305)


November 2014 contributions — thank you! — N.F. ($10 to NWF), G.P. ($25 to NWF).

August 2014 contributions — thank you! — L.M. ($10 to NWF).

July 2014 contributions — many thanks!! — R.C. ($100 to NWF).

May 2014 contributions — many thanks to the following members! — D.S. ($5 to DHF), L.R. ($25 to DHF), S.G. ($20 to NWF), GLB Ent. ($50 to NWF), S.W. ($2 to DHF), L.S. ($15 to DHF), T.L. ($25 to DHF), S.S. ($25 to DHF), R.V. ($5 to DHF), J.S. ($10 to DHF), R.H. ($20 to NWF), B.R. ($10 to NWF).

March 2014 contributions — many thanks!! — A.D. ($15 to NWF).

Many thanks for the contributions in January to:  D.F. ($25) & J.L. ($15). I discovered that the PayPal counter sync is not working so have entered them manually. I’ve put it on my list of things to fix in February. (PayPal takes a slight percentage, so when the counter is synced again the amount will be a bit less than shown above.)