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Great reminder today from a member

Dear Members,

I received this note today from Susan, a MarinFreecycle member since 2009. She shared recent frustrations, and some really great observations about why it’s not always the best idea to commit to those who rush to reply to Offer posts. I’ve written about this many times over the years, and wanted to share part of her note today, and add my comments about it.

“My experience has been that more often than
not I end up getting several enthusiastic responses,
then people flake. Meanwhile, I am trying to uphold
a sense of fairness i.e. allowing the first person to
have “dibs” even tho the 3rd or 4th person can come
right away. Time and time again the first person flakes,
forgets, changes their mind, becomes totally high-
maintenance, or whatever. 

“I think this is part of the reason why people resort to the
“curb alerts” of craigslist-OR-just toss their stuff in the

Does this sound familiar? Most likely it’s happened to all of us. We all have different reasons for wanting to clear out that Offered item right away, but I want to remind you that this group does not subscribe to, and actually discourages gifting to the first person who responds. It’s totally up to you of course, but a better tactic, if you have the time, is to wait at least 24 to 72 hours to give Members time to receive the Daily Digest and respond to your offer. The added benefit of this is that you’ll have a backup list of interested folks. When you do respond or make a commitment, kindly let the person know that you are looking forward to them keeping their pickup commitment. Feel free to note that you have a backup list as well. Last but not least, don’t post a Taken message until the item has been picked up. If you feel you must post a Promised message to the group, which is allowed, always include that you have a backup list in case of a no-show.

Lastly, if you just want something gone immediately, our group is probably not the best place to post your Offer. I suggest that you try — which allows addresses — a practice we DO NOT allow.

Thanks everyone. I hope your recycling experience via MarinFreecycle will benefit from this note. Many thanks to Susan for sharing her thoughts.

Nicole Price
Moderator, MarinFreecycle

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