Sad and shocking news, and terrible behavior by Marin County officials — and the media!

My thoughts and prayers are with Robin Williams’ family and friends since hearing the sad news of his passing yesterday. He was a national treasure who touched so many through entertainment, but he was more than that — a really decent and kind human being. Rest in Peace Robin…the world is much less shiny without you.

I also want to express my displeasure about how the announcement of his passing was broadcast. Have to lay this squarely at the feet of Marin County officials. It used to be that when a public person died, no matter the controversy, it was announced but facts were held back out of respect for the person and their family. It gave family and friends time to process and grieve. After all, there is plenty of time to investigate circumstances thoroughly and make announcements later — after the person has been put to rest, a memorial is held, etc. For the MC officials to blurt out to the press details of how he was found, and other details that are really none of the public’s business 3 hours, much less several days later… well, I find it tawdry and unconscionable. We all know that the media is out of control as they run a horse race to be the first to publish the announcement, talk about it nonstop, corral others in the entertainment field to go on camera to publicly display their shock, and tell stories about him — is all for one thing — RATINGS.

This ghoulish behavior seems to be getting worse as it’s helped along via social media as people parrot the details on their FB page or tweets, chattering on and on, with the news and entertainment media organizations vie for the most eyeballs, and eventually comments, they can get for ratings.

Not sure why the Marin County Sheriff’s Department chose to release the details they did yesterday, but whoever made the decision to do so made a REALLY BAD ONE. It can’t be justified under “Protect & Serve” when that seemed to be nowhere in their sites to respect this extraordinary man and his end of life circumstances. Robin Williams deserved better than that. He, and his family, deserved privacy and time. That Marin County officials didn’t “get” that, is shameful and demeans us all.

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