Best way to send your freecycling post to MarinFreecycle

Couple of things I wanted to let everyone know. First, if you’ve had any issues posting a message to the group using the new re-designed Yahoo Groups–(wasn’t it nice of them to re-design it without sending out a notice to anyone?)–have no fear…sending posts via email is still the best and fastest way to post your messages. They come right into the message queue and I get a notification too. Email your message to from your membership email.

If you have an iPhone, here’s another way to post painlessly AND include a photo: Get the FREE MyFreeStuff app, go through the initial setup (it will ask you for your city), and you’re all set. You can then snap a photo of your Offer and thumb-key in your text and press send.

Take care and best holiday wishes,
Moderator, MarinFreecycle

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