Another group breaks ties to the freecycle network in Arizona

When MarinFreecycle made the break on 2/28/11 from the freecycle network based in Arizona (TFN), who think they own the concept of freecycling, it was a fairly quiet event. Oh sure, there were a few that attacked me, but it was clear from the start they weren’t interested in taking a common sense approach to anything. I had committed the sin of putting a tip jar here at my blog. Horrors!! Now, I had no way of knowing if they were related to TFN, and were being good soldiers tasked with intimidating me into submission. But it sure seemed like that might be the case. Thankfully, I received a lot of positive feedback from members who sent me private emails. And after several weeks things settled down and returned to normal.

I was reminded of the above when I saw this article this morning about a freecycle group in Massachusetts that made the break from TFN recently. I applaud these brave moderators!

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