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OK, equal time for sharing bad experience too

Not to ignore the reality of things going wrong too….if you’ve had the experience from hell out of your freecycle exchange, share it here.

Extra points for black comedy interpretations, and please resist the temptation to post any personal information details — yours or others.

Share your best MarinFreecycle experience story

Sometimes serendipity is found in unexpected places! If you have a story that has a funny, charming, or positive outcome  from an exchange experience in our group, or another freecycle group you belong to, share it here.

Please remember to keep personal details confidential.

New recycle containers come to Fairfax….pretty cool!

This happened about a month or so ago…

I’d been admiring those new recycle wheeled bins in San Rafael for some time. Called earlier this year to find out when we’d get them in Fairfax but they didn’t have an ETA.

Then one day this summer — wham! — they just showed up. Attached to them was a flyer explaining the new rates (ouch), but also included in the flyer was a little note saying that you could keep your old rate if you downsized your trash can to the “20” gallon size. Nice to have this option!

Have you downsized?

Sneaky spammers alert

Looks like the spammers are getting even more creative. And our board seems to be targeted at the moment.

Since the Blackberry spam post last week, the board has had another half dozen spam messages come in. All were rejected and the posters banned. Plus the day after I banned the Blackberry spammer this blog was received 30 spam messages that were deleted almost immediately. I guess we’re on a roll… It’s odd how we can go for a few weeks and not receive any, and then a cluster of bad posts will hit the board.

Why do you respond to Offer posts?

It seems like a lot of the same people respond to each and every Offer post! Do they really need that many things? Or is it the race to “win” the thing that everyone else wants?

What about you?

Do you get stuff on the board and then give it to someone else? Are you keeping an eye open for another person or family in need to give what you receive to them? Has your packrat nature got the best of you, and your new found treasures just sitting and collecting dust? Or do you resell the gifts you receive at a flea market, garage sale, or on eBay?

Believe it or not, ALL of the above happen every day. And as it happens, they are all acceptable within the freecycle rules, because the true purpose of freecycle is to keep things out of the landfill. End of story.

Now, if any of the above offends you (selling a gifted item is the usual offender for most…), you can always put a note in your post that you would like your item to go to a non-profit. And you can always add that you would like a receipt from them for tax purposes.