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Offering to sell is always against the rules

That’s right. On any Freecycle board when you post a “wanted” message, if anyone replies to your post, they should always be offering the item to you freely. Offering to sell an item to another member who has posted as “wanting” is not allowed — ever.

By the same token, if a member posts an “offer” message, that item must be given freely and without strings. It’s the freecycle way.

If you ever are approached with an offer to sell, please email me.

How to handle a post that irks you

We’ve all seen them. The posts on the board that genuinely irk us. Short or long, they just cause our eyeballs to roll. Maybe it’s because the person is posting a message that goes against our beliefs. Or it’s their 100th time asking for the same thing. Or we feel the need to correct them for whatever reason. What’s a member to do?

As much as you might want to, it’s never a good idea to email the person out of anger to admonish them. It just starts the snowball rolling and growing into something bigger. It’s just best to ignore it and move on if the post is grating to you but innocent overall.

If however, the post is in violation of one of our rules, please don’t hesitate to send me an email about it!

August YG board recap

August was a really busy month for MarinFreecycle on Yahoo Groups.

Usually a month reserved for vacations and enjoying the lazy days of
summer, our message posts hit an all time high. 1555 messages were
posted to the board, plus almost 100 messages were rejected during
moderation. The month before there were 1479 posts put through, and the
prior 2 months both had more than 1300 messages. I don’t have the
tonnage that was prevented from going into our local landfill from all
this activity, but based on the number of construction items especially,
it’s gotta be a very respectable number. Kudos to all members who had
the freecycle spirit!! You are awesome!

The wanted messages were going full throttle too. Lots of requests for
furniture, baby and kids items, and quite a few received messages were
posted too. It’s great to see a lot of teachers are posting their
classroom wants and receiving items. (Yay!!) Lots of moving boxes
messages in August as well — I think the most I’ve ever seen on the

We had a poll this month about the wanted messages asking opinions if
they should be limited to 3 days a week. While most said yes, many of
the no’s were accompanied by email comments saying the wanted messages
served a valuable purpose. It gave folks the opportunity to give away
something taking up space and collecting dust, when they saw a post
asking for at item they have. Many also pointed out that the wanted
posts limit should be better enforced (2 per 2 weeks; up to 3 items in
each post), and I am doing my best to better monitor those.