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“No strings attached” rule explained

The “no strings attached” rule is standard practice with all freecycle groups. It keeps things simple for both the gifter and the giftee. Once an item is handed off the transaction is complete.

This “no strings attached” rule of freecycling is sometimes forgotten when posts are submitted in the heat of the moment. How? Maybe you post a wanted message to pick fruit from trees and in your post you offered to make jam for the original poster.  Although a very nice gesture, offering to make jam is a “string”.  Or maybe you post an offer to giveaway a hard disk, but also say that you want the person you gift it to, to put its contents on a DVD for you. Another “string”. Or maybe you’re asking to use something and then return it after use. Yup, this (borrowing) would be a string too.

In other words, free has no conditions — or strings — attached to it.

If your offer or wanted post is rejected due to a “string”, submit it again without the condition and it will sail right through to the board!

When is the best time to post your Taken message?

After your item has been picked up!

Unfortunately, not everyone in the group follows through on picking up when they say they will. Stuff happens…and the best intentions get pushed out. And then there are the slackers….yeah, you know who you are. Heck, I admit to slacking early in my freecycle life. But…if you’re the person who’s waiting for your widget to be handed over to a fellow member, and out from under your feet, it can be maddening. Personally, I’ve learned this one the hard way… An item can only sit for so long before you lose all faith that it’s ever going to be picked up! It makes one wish that the Taken message, that felt so good to post when you truly thought it was gone, didn’t have to turn back into a RE-OFFER message and receive a flood of emails once again.

The solution? Be sure to have plenty of back-ups in case of a no-show, and contact those folks when you’ve given up hope of the promised pickup.

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